▷Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In Orange County

June 14, 2021 in near me

▷Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In Orange County

Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In Orange County

5 Reasons Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In Orange County

Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In Orange County

When water breaks in the basement during the winter, it causes a lot of worry and anxiety. Rainstorms and floods aren’t the only things that cause the basement to fill up. There are various unusual methods for water to get in, and dealing with them can be difficult. This blog has covered some of the main reasons why your basement leaks in the winter. Leak Detection Specialists can help with emergency leak detection in Orange County. 

Insufficient Drainage System

You may believe that during the winter, the water freezes and cannot enter the basement. However, there are days when the temperature rises to the point that the ice or snow melts. If your gutters are clogged, water will drain directly into your basement. When your downspouts are close to your house, it also drains. Downspouts should be at least six feet away from your house to prevent water from entering your basement. 

Your Basement Creates Heat

In the winter, your basement will be warmer than the rest of your house. The heat radiates eight inches beyond the walls, melting the ice and snow. If your walls or foundation have cracks and holes, they will undoubtedly gain access to your home. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

Gravity’s downward pull is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. When it comes into contact with the heat that is emitted from your basement, it might cause your basement to flood. The heat is drawn downward by hydrostatic pressure and trapped between the basement and ground walls. Furthermore, water will pour into the basement if your structure has fractures. Even if there are no cracks, water accumulates in large amounts as the hydrostatic pressure forces the water downward. Because water cannot flow through the frozen earth, it will press against your structure, causing new problems and allowing leaks to form. 

Soil Type

The type of soil you use greatly impacts how much water leaks. The proper soil will allow moisture to drain away from your home. However, soil that does not drain properly increases the pressure of melting ice or snow. It will leak if the pressure rises to a certain level. 

Clogged Drains

Because the plumbing and sewer lines freeze in the cold winter weather, the water does not stop flowing into the basement. 

Winter Basement Leaks

It’s aggravating to have to deal with a basement leak in the dead of winter. Basement flooding is more likely in cold weather. There are, however, ways to avoid basement leaks in the winter. 

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