▷Pesky Pool Leaks Ruin Your Summer Fun In Orange County

July 15, 2021 in near me

▷Pesky Pool Leaks Ruin Your Summer Fun In Orange County

Pesky Pool Leaks Ruin Your Summer Fun In Orange County

Don’t Let Pesky Pool Leaks Ruin Your Summer Fun In Orange County

Pesky Pool Leaks Ruin Your Summer Fun In Orange County

There’s a good probability you’ll leak at some point over the life of your pool. 

A leak that goes neglected and untreated causes more damage. The concrete deck that surrounds the pool is weakened as a result. 

Some leaks, on the other hand, never come to light. There isn’t a single wet area to be found. So, what happens to the water? It, on the other hand, remains underground. 

As a result, if you find signs of a leak, you must conduct an investigation. 

Starting at the beginning, what are the visible signs of a leak? 

  • Every day, your pool might lose 14 inches of water. 
  • Cracks will appear in and around your pool deck. 
  • You’ll have to add water more frequently than once a week. 
  • Your water bill is about to go up. 
  • The grass around the pool begins to saturate. 
  • Either the pool deck is sinking or elevating. 
  • The Bucket Test demonstrates the presence of a leak. 

The Most Common Types Of Leaks

  • Leaks in the structure or shell 
  • Leaks in the pool plumbing 
  • Leaks causing massive water loss 

Structure Or Shell Leaks

If the pool leaks regularly, regardless of whether the pump is on or off, the fault is most likely with the pool’s structure. 

What exactly does pool structure imply? Everything is visible from the pool inside. Vinyl liners, concrete, and gunite are examples of pool materials. To determine whether the structure or shell leaks, you must enter the pool and conduct a thorough investigation. 

Pool Plumbing Leaks

If the leak gets worse when the pump is turned on, the leak is most likely in the subsurface plumbing system. 

The majority of pools have two separate plumbing systems. The suction system and the pressured system are examples of these. The suction system’s job is to suck water from the book and into the filter. Suction plumbing is used in the skimmer and main drain lines. 

On the other hand, the pressurised plumbing system is in charge of returning the water to the pool once it has passed through a filter. The filtered water is returned to the swimming pool. 

  1. Huge Water Loss Leaks

We regularly get panic calls concerning pool leaks and their inability to raise the pool level here at Leak Detection Specialists. 

Typically, such a leak is caused by a valve problem. Not all pools, however, have valves. Hydrostatic valves and multiport valves are two types of valves. 


As a result, if you’re having similar issues with your pool, give us a call at Leak Detection Specialists. Our staff have years of experience assisting individuals in having a worry-free summer at the pool. This is why Leak Detection Specialists is Orange County’s most dependable choice!