▷Questions About Slab Leak Orange County, Answered!

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▷Questions About Slab Leak Orange County, Answered!

Questions About Slab Leak Orange County, Answered!

Top 3 Questions About Slab Leak Orange County, Answered!

Questions About Slab Leak Orange County, Answered!

You’ve come to the right site if you’re having problems with your home and are concerned about a slab leak. A slab leak can be highly costly to your pocketbook and cause significant damage to your property. That is why it is critical to discover slab leaks to avoid all of the problems. Contact Leak Detection Specialists for Slab Leak Detection in Orange County, CA. 

We get a lot of questions about slab leaks from our customers, so we tried to answer a few of them in this blog. 

Question 1: Our water bill has increased significantly despite not adjusting our water consumption. Even though we were on vacation last month, the water bill is excessive. Is there a leak beneath the slab, or is it something else? 

If you use regular to average amounts of water and observe a substantial increase in your water bill, your property most likely has a slab leak. This is because the water runs all of the time, not just when you turn it on. One of the first signs of a slab leak is a significant spike in the water bill without any visible increase in water usage. If you have this problem, make sure to contact a specialist. 

Question 2: The water pressure in my house has dropped dramatically. Our house has no adequate flow, and the upper half has the worst flow. Do you have any idea what’s causing this issue? 

If you used to have strong water pressure in your home but now have a major decline in water pressure, it could be an indication of a slab leak. This is due to the fact that water might escape through areas of the pipe that it shouldn’t. If you detect a large drop in your home’s water pressure, you may have a slab leak, and it’s time to call a professional for assistance. 

Question 3: We’ve had an unusual, moldy odor in the house for the past few weeks. We don’t notice any signs of mold growing anyplace. Is there a probable leak that I’m not aware of? 

As water seeps into your floors via leaks, it is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. This is due to moisture buildup in certain areas of your home, which allows mold and mildew to thrive. This will begin to appear beneath your floorboards and possibly in your carpeting. 

Slab leaks can cause a lot of damage to your property, and if they’re not fixed right away, they can be disastrous. We at Leak Detection Specialists make it a point to give you leak detection services and to ensure that such issues do not return to your property. We have qualified personnel who know how to complete the task. If you require Slab Leak Detection Orange County services, please contact us at (888) 299-7775.