▷How Does Water Leak Detection Work In Orange County?

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▷How Does Water Leak Detection Work In Orange County?

How Does Water Leak Detection Work In Orange County?

How Does Water Leak Detection Work In Orange County?

How Does Water Leak Detection Work In Orange County?

Modern Leak Detection Technology And Its Benefits

Homes constructed from faulty plumbing materials resulted in broken pipes and failed connections. Water damage occurs due to these faults. Every homeowner wants to protect their house and belongings. Water leak detection is crucial to saving your home from long term water damage and costs. For Moisture Detection Orange County, contact Leak Detection Specialists.

Signs Of Water Leaks

Below are some of the signs discussed regarding the indications of water leaks.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Video camera pipes are successful for leak detections and sewer problems. An infrared camera is attached to the tube of the toilet drain or the roof vent. It helps identify the breakages in particular places, depreciated pipes, impediments, and lots more—video camera pipes help solve minor sewage problems.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

The hydrostatic pressure test is practical on a structure’s sanitary sewer system. An inflatable test ball is attached to the structure’s mainline sewer cleanout.

 The ball then inflates and hinders the sewage line. Water is filled up to the slab level and observed for around 20 minutes. If the water exceeds the slab level, then it is a sign of water leakage.

Slab Leak Detection

Leak Detection Specialists carries out the Slab leak detection test with a combination of line tracing equipment. Along with the static pressure and camera pipe inspection, it will be easier to detect the exact spot of slab leaks. It provides a detailed assessment of the leaks.

Electronic Listening Devices

Electronic devices make it possible for the experts to hear any water leak located anywhere in the plumbing structure. After the leak’s public place is detected, then a line tracer system is used to determine the water leak’s actual location.

Static Leak Isolation

This kind of leak detection involves a procedure that combines hydrostatic pressure testing with pipe inspection using sewer video cameras. The sewer video camera detects the appropriate place for an apparent visual effect of the sanitary sewer system. Hydrostatic pressure testing determines the segments under a slab sewer system where a leak could be occurring. Inflatable test balls are then placed in the system to find specific places in the line where a leak could exist.

Digital Water Leak Detection

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