HVAC Equipment Leak Detection Orange County

HVAC Leak Detection Orange County

Does My Home’s Plumbing Affect the HVAC System?

Looking for a HVAC equipment leak detection Orange County expert? The HVAC systems of a house tend to be overlooked too and have high chances of mold growth. Mold spores can grow in air ducts, conditioning units, air, cooling, and heating vents, fireplaces, near wood stoves, space heaters, or wherever there are humidifiers, dehumidifiers often used in the house. It is better to keep an often check on these areas to avoid mold growth because if it grows in any of these, it quickly spreads from one thing to the other.

A commercial HVAC system circulates the air throughout your restaurant. Not only that, but it also filters the air as well and makes sure it provides clean and fresh air. The commercial HVAC system handles even intense cooking smells with ease, but it struggles a bit after a fire. That is due to the burning of the grease. The burning of fat creates lots of smoke. This smoke is captured inside the HVAC system impact the air ducts. Due to this, the air is not entirely filtered, and the smoke may recirculate inside your restaurant.

  • The first and foremost way can occur with the HVAC “condensate line” (also called the condensate drain or condensate drain line). It’s a piece of plastic (or sporadically metal) pipe that runs from your heating and cooling system to the exterior of your home. Its purpose is to transport away the water drops resulting from the moisture released as air is heated or cooled.
  • An additional plumbing method affects the HVAC system when gases from leaking sewage pipes get into your ducting. The gases and foul odor then mix throughout your home.
  • Lastly, during situations of severe sewage backup or flooding, wastewater itself can get into your home’s HVAC system directly, polluting ducts and equipment with hazardous bacteria and pollutants.

What Are the Signs That My HVAC System Is Leaking?

Besides undergoing any of the above, here are some additional ways to tell if a part of your HVAC system is leaking:

  • Your electrical bill abruptly rises.
  • Air quality in your home appears low, airless, or you’re observing odors from external while indoors.
  • Water is combining around your AC condenser unit.
  • You’ve observed high-level moisture inside your home than usual.
  • You can see ice crystals on your AC unit’s evaporator twirl (the part containing refrigerant that eliminates heat from the air).
  • When you turn on your system to heat or cool the air, you hear it running, but the temperature doesn’t alter much, if at all.

When Should I Hire a Professional to Repair a Leaking HVAC System?

Orange County HVAC Equipment Leak Detection

Contact Leak Detection Specialists for HVAC leak detection services. We specialize in plumbing and leak detection services. We have many other benefits as part of our maintenance program, so we have got it all settled for you. Our emergency helpline number is (888) 299-7775, and we are available 24/7 throughout, whether on weekends or holidays.

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